Frequently asked questions for Clients

Yes, we report to Transunion and Experian monthly.  When new accounts are submitted, we allow a sixty-day window before we report to the repositories.

All collections are done as a percentage of the amount collected. For example, if we collect $1,000 on behalf of our client and the fee is 35%, the client receives $650 in recovery.

Our rates are negotiable at inception of our agreements based on volume and age of debts submitted. The client collection rate increases when an account is sent to legal.

We focus on the tri-state region of Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri.

Simply contact us by phone or email to begin the conversation.  Submit an email online to contact us and we will be in touch. 

We collect medical debt, defaulted loans and promissory notes, small business, commercial, utility, student loan, and return checks.  

CBQ Services has professionally trained staff. Clients can place their delinquent accounts with us in an automated format or manually. We have a client portal for our clients to monitor and receive reports.

Remittance is processed once per month; generally, between the 1st and 5th calendar day. 

HIPAA legislation provides data privacy and security provisions for protecting medical information. CBQ Services complies with HIPAA rules and regulations.