Why hire a Debt Collection Agency?

For small businesses, managing accounts receivables is critical to maintaining the health of a company. When you start to see open invoices lingering unpaid for more than 30 days, the company bottom line begins to suffer. CBQ Services is here to help collect on slow pay or no pay accounts receivable.

The day-to-day responsibilities of a small business owner can be significant. Small businesses can do several things to collect their debts.  Contacting the debtor, setting up a payment plan at point of sale, or threatening to sue takes time and energy that small business owners do not have.

Limited time is why small businesses need a debt collection agency. We leverage our software and have collection specialists that will work to contact your customers. CBQ Services will do what is necessary to recover your outstanding accounts receivable.

It is important to act sooner rather than later because aged debt becomes more challenging to collect. Is proof of delivery available? Has the debtor filed bankruptcy? Have records been misplaced? Those are questions that go unanswered without using a collection agency. The sooner you start working with CBQ Services the better chances you have of recovering your aging accounts receivables. Contact us to learn more about small business debt collection.

Tips for small business debt collection

  • Gather as much pertinent information about the debtor as possible (ex. contact information, the original agreement, etc.).
  • Do not delay working with a debt collection agency if you can help it.
  • Find a debt collection agency that is willing to work with you and tend to the specifics of your business.