About Us

CBQ Services has been collecting debt since 1921.  We have an experienced professionally trained debt collection team.  This team and our Bloodhound Collection System will increase your recovery rates to receive a better return on your money. 

CBQ Services BBB Business Review
Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce Member


Debt collection services are performed on a contingency fee basis meaning we only get paid if you get paid. We have a client portal that allows our clients to receive reports, submit new business, submit payments made at the creditor, and receive up to date collection status on each account.

Our Process

  1. Once your account is placed with CBQ Services we start a series of automated demand letters sent via the US Mail system.  The letters start with a validation notice and then moves through three more demand letters every 30 days.
  2. During the letter sequence we also start a process of calling debtors.  Our collectors will utilize our system to call debtors on a continuous basis to contact the debtor.  Our system allows us to touch a tremendous number of accounts per day.
  3. If addresses or phone numbers are wrong or incomplete CBQ Services utilizes skip trace services to locate new information for your debtors. In addition, our mail provider sends us new address information daily on incomplete or inaccurate addresses.
  4. If we are unable to find a solution through letters and calls to resolve an account, the next step is to determine whether the account can be sent to the attorney for further collection efforts.
  5. Once it is determined from CBQ Services that an account should move to an attorney for further collection a Proof of Claim letter will be sent to the client to confirm amounts and receive approval to move the account to an attorney.
  6. Once the Proof of Claim letter is received back from the client CBQ Services initiates a final letter to the debtor that lets the debtor know the creditor has approved the account to be sent to an attorney.
  7. CBQ Services will then send the account to attorney for further collection efforts.  The attorney will move forward with legal demand letters, judgements, garnishments, and attachments.
  8. Finally, if our litigation attempts fail you will owe nothing to CBQ Services or our attorney.

While we cannot guarantee 100% recovery of our client accounts, we can guarantee we put in 100% effort to try and recover as many as possible.