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About Collection Services
CBQ Services is poised to help you get control of your delinquent account receivables. We have a staff of professionally trained debt collectors who are ready, willing and able to tackle your oldest and most difficult cases.

Some of the reasons to consider CBQ Services for your debt collection needs are:

  • Professionally trained, ethical and courteous staff. Our staff has been afforded the advantages of education enhancements like Dale Carnegie Courses and American Collectors Association schools like Professional Telephone Collectors Seminar, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act School, Skip-Tracing Seminar, School of Basic Supervision, Collectrite School and others.

  • Over 87 years continuous service to the tri-state area. CBQ Services was formerly known as Credit Bureau of Quincy, Inc. which was established as a merchant-owned collection and credit-reporting agency in 1921.

  • We are a locally-owned corporation.

  • Our staff has an average tenure of 15 years service with CBQ.

  • All accounts are handled on a contingency fee basis. If we don't collect - we don't get paid!

Some of the items we offer are:

  • Computerized billing and debtor status reports.

  • Special check collections

  • Litigations

  • Skip-Tracing

Your can place your delinquent account receivables with our Collection Division in a variety of manual or automated formats. Most commonly, our creditor clients mail or fax us the detailed information about the debtor/account. In some cases, larger creditor clients allow us to set up electronic listings, which can greatly reduce the processing time for us both.

Improved collections are the product not so much of better techniques for demanding payment as of strict office procedures for handling accounts receivable. Here are some pointers to help you set up and stick to a wise accounts receivable procedure in your office.

 1. Maintain a business atmosphere in the office. Informal methods do more to lose income than anything else. When a customer or patient recognizes that your office is a competent, organized business operation, he is more likely to respond with prompt payment.
  2. Take a complete credit application or have patients fill out an information card on their first visit. Update it annually. Ask for such information as complete name, age, marital status, spouse’s name, close relatives, employment (where and for how long), occupation, address, references – in short, anything which would help identify the customer or patient and would indicate that he is financially able to pay.
  3. It is wise to verify the above information by obtaining a credit report.
  4. Make specific arrangements for a payment schedule when the purchase or treatment is arranged. Explain your billing procedures and schedule, and answer any questions the customer or patient may have. Offer acceptance of credit cards. You’ll avoid misunderstandings later!
  5. Keep accurate and complete records. Be sure that you record accounts owed correctly and that you know when accounts are past-due.
  6. Begin asking for payment of the account from the day the bill becomes overdue. Reminders followed by telephone calls is the technique most widely recommended and most successful. Definite intervals between the first and second reminder and between the reminders and phone calls should be set up ahead of time and then followed religiously when collecting each delinquent account.
  7. When the debtor fails to respond to your in-office procedures within a reasonable time, the account should be referred to a professional collection agency for action. We offer you professional, ethical and effective collection services that will recover the greatest percentage of referred accounts possible in keeping with good business practices.

Our collection philosophy
Your debtors, patients, or customers; whatever term you use – should be afforded the opportunity to “make good” on the debt they owe or, show that they honestly can not pay. Your debtors are treated with the respect due every human being. A debt collector who uses abusive, unethical or threatening tactics when contacting a debtor may be operating illegally at worst, and at best will do nothing to induce any level of cooperation from the debtor. The debt collectors’ job is one of “selling” the debtor on paying for a product or service they already have.

Once you have enlisted the help of our collection staff, we do not assume that you do not care about that debtor or that you would not welcome them back as a customer. In addition, we strive to operate in a legal and ethical manner in every way. We believe this posture helps us maintain longer and stronger relationships with our creditor/clients, does more to win the cooperation and confidence of your debtor, and reduces legal exposure for us both.

About your delinquent accounts
No responsible and clear-thinking collection agency can guarantee you that they will collect a certain percentage of your accounts. Think about it. How would that be possible? There is no way to predict the future. Your collection agent has no way of knowing how many of your debtors may file bankruptcy, lose their jobs, skip-out without a trace, become incarcerated, die or just otherwise be uncollectible.

Without a detailed look at your current office procedures and determining the age of your accounts, their size and other factors, even quoting a reasonable contingency fee rate would be guesswork.

You are invited to contact us for a no-cost and no-obligation evaluation of your procedures and current accounts.

About Credit Information and Products
CBQ Services and formerly Credit Bureau of Quincy, Inc. has, since the late 1970’s, provided local banks, finance companies, credit unions, health-care providers and others with access to nation-wide, automated credit information and enhancement products.

If you are interested in purchasing your personal credit report, see our “For You Personally” section. We do not directly offer what is known as a “Consumer Interview” that affords you the opportunity to have the information in your file re-investigated. If you or your company have a membership here, remember that you do not have a permissible purpose to access your personal credit report. That should only be done directly with the credit reporting agency or at AnnualCreditReport.com.

Trans Union reports are broken down into very easy to read sections. They are:

  • CREDITOR CONTACT INFORMATION - Provides the credit grantor name, address, and contact information for all trade lines and inquiries. Also allows you a simple way to de-code individual subscriber codes found on the reports. You get the most current contact information for subscribers; one-at-a-time.
  • HIGH RISK FRAUD ALERT - The cornerstone of fraud detection and prevention products. High Risk Fraud Alert warns you whenever it comes across applicant information that appears genuine, but in reality may be questionable.
  • SSN SEARCH - Simply input a social security number and SSN SEARCH returns to you the name and address information for all individuals that match the provided number.
  • FICO Classic. The most sophisticated scoring system available to predict varying degrees of delinquencies, non-bankruptcy charge-offs and bankruptcies. Developed by Trans Union and Fair, Isaac, a world leader in statistical modeling, the scores can be used to customize your credit policy. In addition, there are four different industry options available for your customizing needs; Auto Loans, Bankcard, Installment Loans and Personal Finance.
  • PEER. The Pre-Employment Evaluation Report designed expressly for use by the Human Resources professional to assist making hiring, promotion, or retention decisions in full compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act section 615.
  • OFAC NAME SCREEN. Compliance with the USA Patriot Act of 2001 is made easier with OFAC Name Screen. Every time you pull a credit report, the consumers information is checked automatically against an expanded OFAC list.

There are numerous additional products offered by Trans Union that can assist you with your needs in fraud detection, skip-tracing and identification, credit scoring and risk models, account monitoring and more. To determine which products and services can best benefit your company, please contact us for a no-cost and no-obligation meeting.

About Collection Services

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About Credit Information and Products

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